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Ask Away   My name is Lauren. Born and raised in the Dirty Jersey. Currently reside in Boston, MA. Soon to be engineer. My back bends 29 degrees to the left.

"Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something."
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people get drunk

they hook up with the wrong person and pretend it’s okay

people act tough and get mad

people will do anything to distract their heart

they will do anything to distract it from missing someone

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talking is used as my distraction from reality, now if only I was talking to you and not to everyone else

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This is exhausting and draining :(

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man more people need to join the fucking bedroom fandom


i mean look at this shit. 


it’s bunk beds and a little desk. 


a motherfucking aquarium!


shit it’s like noah’s ark in the fucking ceiling


look how modern this shit is


it’s like three rooms in one


you could get a boat and sing fucking phantom of the opera and then just climb in bed.


I will man this damn fandom by myself if I have too

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I wish I was able to retain information and my body would except it. This whole being unhealthy thing is really no fun and constantly feeling horrible and stressed needs to stop. I’m scared to death for you and you’re physically emotionally and mentally taking a toll on myself and everyone around you. Please get help and come back to me.

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